The Shanghai Gongzheng Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd.(GZCPA) was established since March 2000 on the basis of the GZCPA firm, which was restructured from the Original sub-institution under the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau in July 1992. There are more than 60 staff, including 22 staff with the Certified Public Accountants; 4 staff with the qualification of the Chinese Certified Tax Agent; 5 staff with the Audit Quality of the Justice; 5 staff with the qualification of Chinese Appraisal Society.
Our professionals are highly qualified and perfectly familiar with the relevant accounting, tax, finance laws and regulations promulgated by Chinese Government, and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and are competent to meet the satisfaction the clients for various business.
As China businesses join the global economy and international companies seek to enter the China market, the GZCPA firm provides professional service to our clients in true and fair view, and also abides the relevant laws faithfully and ethical requirements.
In 2013, the GZCPA firm provided the professional service for over 400 clients in audit, capital verification, audit economic responsibility for leader’s leaving, liquidation audit, attestation service for various tax affairs, agent services in tax declaration and in bookkeeping, advisory services for finance and taxation, etc. The main clients include:
1. Large-scale state-owned enterprises, Such as: Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Development Corporation, Shanghai Metals & Minetals Import & Export Corporation.
2. Financial enterprises, such as Bank of Shanghai, China Pacific Life Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch.
3. Foreigner investment enterprises, such as President Enterprises (China) Investment Co., ltd., Shanghai Golden Bund Real Estate Co., ltd.

    Mr. Chen Derong is the chief CPAin GZCPA, who also is:
    1. the member of the Shanghai Institute of Certified Public
Accountants board
    2. the executive member of the Shanghai Institute of Certified Public Accountants board
    3. the deputy chief of the Shanghai CPAs Professional Technical Committee
    4. the expert of the Shanghai Judicial Accounting
Verification Expertise Committee.



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